Angel all ears as Holly plans pilgrimage to Disneyland

Criss and Holly pose for the photogs.
Photo: Ash Hopkins

Criss Angel has already said that Holly Madison has made him the luckiest man on Earth; today she will introduce him to, "The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Madison may have to trade her Playboy bunny ears for a set of Minnie-like mouse ears, however, as she’s taking her boyfriend to Disneyland.

It will be Angel’s first trip to Disney.

“I’ve never been to Disneyland in my entire life, never, ever, ever, ever, never,” the 40-year-old magician said. “I’ve always wanted to go but I just haven’t had the opportunity.”

After several years of living relatively close by at former hubby Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, Madison, 28, has become somewhat of an expert on all things Mickey Mouse.

The bleached-blonde bombshell plans to introduce her new beau to the park’s many rides.

“My favorites are Indiana Jones and the Tower of Terror so we’ll have to hit those, but (we’ll go on) all of them,” she said.

The two left Las Vegas Tuesday night on a private jet after Angel finished his final Cirque du Soleil performance before his midweek weekend.

Believe is normally dark on Wednesdays and Thursdays, giving Angel, along with his cast and crew, two days off. As such, Tuesdays are Angel’s Fridays and Wednesday and Thursday serve as his weekend.

Angel, who rarely leaves the Luxor on his days off, never mind takes vacation, said he was looking forward to his fun-yet-hopefully-romantic getaway. He also said he was confident Madison would be a good Disney guide.

“She knows it inside and out,” he said.

Criss Angel and Holly Madison played Mr. and Mrs. Claus this morning and donated cash and dozens of toys to support Help of Southern Nevada's holiday toy assistance program.

The couple will stay at an on-site Disney resort during the trip and will take in the sights with a few of Madison’s friends. They plan to return to Las Vegas on Thursday night.

The trip is the tip of the holiday iceberg for the hot and heavy couple: The pair will celebrate their birthdays, which are four days and 12 years apart, on Friday at a joint birthday bash at LAX.

Angel will turn 41 that day, while Madison will celebrate her 29th birthday on Dec. 23rd.

“It’s going to be really really good,” Madison said. “We’re just excited to be there with our friends.”

Once the birthdays are behind them, their attention will turn to Christmas, before New Years Eve.

“It will be like non-stop birthday for two weeks,” Angel said.

Both sides of the Madifreak family will be in Sin City for the holidays.

“We have our families flying in so we’re going to spend it all together,” Angel said.

His mother, who lives in Long Island, and brothers will be in town and Madison’s family will fly in for a visit, as well.

No details of the group’s New Years Eve plans have yet been released.They did say, however, that unlike the jet-setting getaway and high-profile birthday celebrations, they are anticipating a “quiet” Christmas.

“We’re just going to hang out by the tree,” Madison said.

Angel concurred and said they are “just going to relax (and) maybe drink some hot chocolate.”

His Christmas wish list is similarly simplistic and cheesy. The Mindfreak magician is asking for three things: health, happiness and love.

“Those are the three things that you can’t buy and the three things, in my opinion, that are the most important in life,” he said.


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