Insurgo’s new ‘Clownshow’ makes for a fun late-night freak show

Two-man balancing act Golden Showers help make 1230 Clownshow memorable.

The "1230" in 1230 Clownshow refers to time, not the number of clowns in the production. Let me make that clear from the beginning, lest folks see the title of Insurgo Bastard Theater's new monthly variety show and assume they're in for a conga line of rubber-nosed funnymen. There are only two clowns.


1230 Clownshow
September 3-4, 12:30 a.m., $10
Insurgo Bastard Theater, 1230show.com

Actually, walking into the packed Commercial Center theater at midnight-thirty, you might just expect the unexpected, because that's what you'll get. Clownshow bills itself as "euro-comic-insanity," a more poetic way of saying it's a cabaret filled with everything from asshole clowns who pick on audience members to sideshow acts (of the balloon-swallowing and hammering-a-nail-through-your-nose variety) — all of which will keep you cringing and laughing for a full 90 minutes.

Stealing the show were acro-balancing duo Golden Showers — two nearly naked gold-painted buff dudes whose athleticism and skill in lifting one another was surpassed only by the intentionally over-the-top homoeroticism of their chosen craft. Other highlights included a hilarious hair-metal juggling routine backed by "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and a set by a mad scientist and his contortionist creation.

Whether partaking in slapstick or serious Cirque-type skills, the clowns and non-clowns of Clownshow connected with the full house. With day jobs in shows like Le Rêve and O, these people know how to perform, and it's no wonder Clownshow packed three trial dates plus Friday's opening night. Insurgo plans to run the event once a month, and I suggest not waiting until the eleventh hour for tickets. This Clownshow is worth a late night out — even if it could use 1,228 more clowns.


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