Faces of Cosmo: Five people to know when you walk through the doors

Larson Legris
Photo: Leila Navidi

Larson Legris (senior customer development manager at Marquee) If you're going to know one face at the door of Tao Group's new Marquee nightclub, make it that of Larson Legris. "I managed to make myself a face at Tao and Lavo when I was there as the energetic, fun guy at the door," says the UNLV graduate who helped open two LA venues in the last 10 months. "Even though it's stressful, I'm there having fun and recognizing faces. ... I'm in the most spoiled job in the world. We take strangers, we turn them into customers; we take customers, we turn them into friends. I literally get to hang out with my friends every night on their vacation and make sure they have an amazing time."

Tyra Bell-Holland

Tyra Bell-Holland (chief concierge) In most jobs, preparation is paramount, but for Tyra Bell-Holland, predicting what any given day will entail is nearly impossible. "I am the department that oversees all of the concierges. We have 54 concierges here on property. We do everything above and beyond the room product. We create your entire experience from beginning to end." And that means fielding any and all kinds of wants and needs. "You never know the requests you're going to get. You can't really prepare," Bell-Holland says, laughing. "We're ready to go. As long as it's legal, kind and moral, we'll make it happen."

Dan Rossi

Dan Rossi (executive chef at Scarpetta) Go ahead, grab some bread and wipe up that last bit of sauce. Dan Rossi wants you to. After all, chef Scott Conant's Italian eatery, which originated in New York, is named for the swoosh shape left on a plate when you sop up the extra juice with a piece of bread. "It's a sign of a good meal," says Scarpetta Las Vegas executive chef Dan Rossi. And Rossi says he has one major advantage over Conant's original New York location. "We have room. New York is built vertically. ... Here we have a lot of firepower. We have a beautiful kitchen, a beautiful space. It's very exciting to do a Scarpetta with much more room."

Andrew Pollard

Andrew Pollard (general manager at Vesper) Don't ask Vesper mixologist Andrew Pollard to choose his favorite cocktail. "It's kinda like picking your favorite child. There's 12 of them and I don't know which one I like the best," says Pollard, who's been working behind some of Vegas' best bars since 2004. At Vesper, the intimate bar located just off Cosmopolitan's impressive lobby, Pollard and his staff serve modern renditions of drinks from the 1880s-1950s, like "gateway gin cocktail" the Violet Femme. It's made with gin, house-made violet sugar, elderflower syrup, some lemon juice and Maraschino. Or as Pollard explains it, "It's tart, it's sweet, it's balanced, it's boozy, it's perfect."

Milton Chavez

Milton Chavez (master tailor at Stitched) Milton Chavez estimates he has 50 suits in his closet. Estimates because when you top 30, who can really keep track? And you can bet that Chavez, a master tailor at Cosmopolitan menswear store Stitched, isn't wearing anything off the rack. "A master tailor is when you do clothes from scratch. You cut the material and make it happen," says Chavez, who'll be doing exactly that for Cosmopolitan customers who want a bespoke look. "My grandfather was a tailor, my father's a tailor," adds Chavez, who admits to being pretty much the best-dressed kid ever. "You have to dress according to the occasion. Fashion is suits right now. Everything is suits."

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