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Kendra Wilkinson walks softly, carries a big, easy-to-install stripper pole

Kendra Wilkinson’s stripper pole is included in a special Stripper 101 package available only on March 28.
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Reality TV star and new mom Kendra Wilkinson Baskett will teach two special editions of Stripper 101 on Sunday, March 28, at the V Theatre. Lucky ladies will learn first-hand how to get fit and explore their sensual side using Kendra's Sport Pole, which sets up and breaks down in just five minutes for, you know, stripper emergencies and such. Call 702-318-6464 to reserve a space in the class.

Kendra, wherever did you learn to pole dance and wherefore are these talents hid?

I have had a lifetime love affair with all types of dance. Pole dancing was always just for fun until we had a pole installed at The Girls Next Door house, then we started taking it a bit more seriously and got into using it for exercise.

Did you have a particular teacher or guru?

My inspiration is all the girls who make it look easy! My favorite teacher is a friend of mine, Estee Zakar, who is one of the X-Pole girls. She rocks.

Oh, to be a cylindrical piece of metal in Kendra's presence.

Oh, to be a cylindrical piece of metal in Kendra's presence.

What are some of the misconceptions about pole dancing?

That it's just for strippers. Any woman can make pole dancing a regular part of their exercise routine, and a fun part of their romantic life! There are also a lot of girls who use the pole who are incredible athletes. Estee is competing next week at the United States Pole Dance Federation Championship. The other misconception is that it's really hard to learn, which it's not — you just need practice a bit on your Kendra Sport Pole and come take Stripper 101 with me!

What made you decide to return to teach after your February 14 visit to Stripper 101?

Fun fun fun! Meeting and talking with all the girls at Stripper 101. It was so cool to meet everyone from soccer moms to college girls to business owners and realizing that we are all part of a great pole-dancing community. I also want people to know it is a great way to get back in shape after baby Hank!

That's right, new Mommy! How often do you yourself get on the pole to work off that baby weight?

As often as I can but not as much as I would like, that's why I'm so excited to teach classes at Stripper 101 and maybe even learn some new moves from the Stripper 101 girls.

The Sport Pole — what are some of the great, unique features?

First of all, of course, it's a Kendra Pole! Seriously, it's a professional-quality, portable pole that comes with its own carry bag, and it is really easy to install.

For women looking to slim-down or tone-up, what health benefits does pole work provide?

Burning lots of calories, improving your core strength and building crazy muscle strength.

Are there other, um, other benefits, like self-confidence and sexual/bedroom entertainment prowess...?

Let's put it this way: If you look better, have more energy and better flexibility you are gonna feel sexier. Plus learning the moves and having fun can definitely give you more confidence.

Your classes on March 28 at Stripper 101, what exactly will you be teaching us? What should we expect?

That is something you will have to find out at the class! [Laughing.] Seriously, we will be learning some basic tricks and just having fun. It's a great kick-start to feel comfortable on the pole so you can practice with your Kendra pole at home.


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