Not your grandma’s game: Underground Rebel Bingo

This “Health and Safety Meeting” might get a little out of hand…
Photo: Tom Chambers

“If you don’t like loud music, dancing, shouting, drinking and drawing on strangers, don’t come.” That’s the fourth (and seemingly most important) rule to follow at the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. The “secret” organization hails from London and began in a basement last year. Since then, it has branched out to surrounding English townships and recently opened in the U.S. to a crowd of 1,500 New Yorkers.


Underground Rebel Bingo
Nov. 4-6, 10:30 p.m., $25-$35
Las Vegas Hilton

This isn’t your ordinary round of bingo, so leave your daubers and lucky troll dolls at home. And if you have an aversion to gambling, no need to worry—participation is voluntary. Basically, the Underground Rebel Bingo Club is for people who like getting wasted with a mob of strangers. It doesn’t hurt to like bingo, too. For a bitchin’ experience, make your way down to the “Health & Safety Meeting” this weekend. As for the first three rules: no old people, no boring people and no wankers!


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