Weekly Checklist: Ricardo Laguna, BMX rider

Ricardo Laguna
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

On his iPod: I’m very embarrassed—anything and everything. Anything from Justin Bieber to hardcore metal music.

Travel staples: No. 1 my better half, which is my bike. No. 2 all my electronics, which is laptop, music, iPod, headphones, chargers. And, everyone makes fun of me, the flat iron.

Favorite place he’s traveled: Australia and New Zealand. Australian people are amazing; the Kiwis, I don’t think they follow rules. Beautiful scenery, best dirt jumps in the world, beaches and topless stuff.

Thoughts on BMX in Vegas: People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to ride the skateparks, because you don’t get in trouble and they’re possibly some of the best skateparks in the world.

Holiday must-eat: I eat just like a chick--I run on salads and soups.

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