Vegas prepares for its new (Lingerie) football team

O Captain! Angelica Bridges models the new Sin jersey.
Photo: Scott Harrison

On February 3, MGM VIPs gathered at New York-New York’s Sporting House Bar & Grill to celebrate the Lingerie Football League’s newest expansion team: the Las Vegas Sin.

Half the Sin are locals, the other half imports, and according to team captain Angelica Bridges (formerly of Fantasy and Baywatch), they’ve been practicing three times a week.

“Do you feel ready to play?” I asked.

“Yes, especially after getting so many pointers from Monty over here.” Bridges pointed to Arizona Cardinals linebacker Monty Beisel, who was now chatting up a couple of other team members by the seafood table.

“What’d he tell you?” I asked.

“Throw that pigskin around!” She punctuated the advice with a Howard Deanian fist pump.

Like Angelica, all the girls on the Sin have athletic backgrounds. Take Melanie, who dances at Surrender, but also played volleyball and soccer in high school. “One of our girls is already injured,” she told me. “Broke her ankle.”

“How’d that happen?” I asked.

“Okay, technically, it didn’t happen on the field; it happened on the golf course—she works as one of those sexy caddies. But still, she’s a committed player.”

As Melanie finished her story, a big guy in a suit whistled at her like a horny cartoon wolf. Surely a harbinger of things to come.

Go, team, go!


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