DJ Loczi discusses his ‘Electric Dream’ residency at Studio 54

After a decade of residencies around the world, Loczi says Electric Dream is what he’s most proud of to-date.
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New Year’s Eve was a special night for Studio 54, as DJ Loczi brought his Electric Dream to the famed venue inside MGM Grand. The now-resident Friday night fete is a multi-faceted nightlife experience complete with video projections, live performances, and music to match the mood. The DJ/producer/nightlife connoisseur discusses his new brainchild.

What was your inspiration for Electric Dream?

The Details

Electric Dream
Fridays, doors open 10 p.m.
$20 cover, locals free
Studio 54, 891-7254

My inspiration just comes from a willingness to always want to evolve in the industry that I’m a part of. I feel like there’s so many opportunities to offer guests. … My skill set is a lot wider than being a DJ. I’m a producer and I love the visual aspects of nightlife and entertainment as well. The main inspiration was just a need to really evolve nightlife into something that I felt needed to be there. I feel like the people that go to nightclubs in Las Vegas are expecting to see something that’s cutting edge and they’re expecting to see something that is genuine and unique and still very entertaining and enticing at the same time. The general inspiration is truly just a need to continue to grow, continue to learn and continue to evolve.

With the show being intensely multi-faceted, what is your favorite aspect of it?

DJ Loczi debuts his <em>Electric Dream</em> at Studio 54 at MGM Grand on Dec. 31, 2010.

DJ Loczi debuts his Electric Dream at Studio 54 at MGM Grand on Dec. 31, 2010.

There’s a lot of moving parts, and the show is also very organic in the sense that it grows and evolves from week to week. People that will come to the show one week could come back a few weeks later and they’re going to see a unique show. …There’s a lot of atmospheric things that take place throughout the venue that allow people to have a unique experience each time they come. Plus, all of the visuals and the music that are mixed are based off of the moment and the people that are there at the time. The routines that are performed are based off of what we feel the crowd at that specific moment needs.

How long were you in the production process?

I think it’s been about four really solid months, but I’ve been developing the idea for my whole life. The show is taking pieces of my career within the entertainment industry over the last 14 or 15 years. It’s really become very focused in the last four months, once I linked up with MGM. They allowed my idea and my concepts to become a reality.

With that in mind, why did you decide to bring your vision to Vegas? Why Studio 54?

Live performances are only one aspect of the <em>Electric Dream</em> nightlife experience.

Live performances are only one aspect of the Electric Dream nightlife experience.

Obviously there are a couple different major factors. I need to be real clear about the fact that it’s not just because they were like “Hey, let’s do it.” This is something that’s very meaningful to me; I absolutely put my heart and soul into it. …There is a very personal relationship there. …They genuinely believe in me as an artist, I genuinely believe in them as a company and as an organization that cares about providing really good entertainment. Las Vegas is a city where anything is possible. It’s the entertainment capital of the world. It’s a place to truly push the envelope. It’s a place to really connect with people from all over the world on a weekly basis. It’s probably the only city in the world that would really be the correct place to launch a show like this. …

On top of that …Studio 54 has something unique that no other venue in the world has. It’s the most iconic venue of all time. With Studio 54 being so intimate and having so much of a history behind it, it lends itself to a perfect opportunity to draw from those iconic experiences. …You can be futuristic because it has such a solid foundation. For me, it was absolutely the right choice, and I am incredibly happy to be working with everybody there.

Would you call Electric Dream your nightlife masterpiece?

Up until this point, this is the thing that I am most proud of being a part of. And I would clearly say that after opening night of the show, I found myself even more inspired and more invigorated to create. I’ve already been in the studio starting to build new pieces for the show. … I always want to continue to strive to evolve and to become better and better. …So while I’m holistically satisfied with the presentation of the show and I love it, I’m more inspired to evolve it. This is … the thing that I am most proud of in my career. I’m very grateful to be a part of it.


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