Hubert Keller’s Fleur: liquid nitrogen cocktails and a $5,000 burger

The $5,000 burger. Can’t afford it? Don’t worry. Keep reading to find out where in Las Vegas to get one that tastes just as good.
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Earlier this week, I reeled over the $1,100 price tag for a shot of Glenfiddich scotch. I’ve grown accustomed to $100 margaritas and even $25,000 magnums of the bubbly stuff. But now I’m really back into the land of the Rich and Famous with an extravagant burger that rivals anything else in the world.

Chef Hubert Keller waves goodbye to Fleur de Lys in the Mandalay Bay.

Chef Hubert Keller waves goodbye to Fleur de Lys in the Mandalay Bay.

The $5,000 burger. Can't afford it? Don't worry. Keep reading to find out where in Las Vegas to get one that tastes just as good.

The $5,000 burger. Can't afford it? Don't worry. Keep reading to find out where in Las Vegas to get one that tastes just as good.

Celebrity Top Chef Hubert Keller has concocted a $5,000 burger at his new restaurant Fleur in Mandalay Bay. He’s sure hit the gastronomic jackpot with this delicacy. The foie gras and black truffle-topped Kobe burger is served on a brioche truffle bun and garnished with the star chef’s special sauce consisting of more high-priced truffles.

To accompany the bust-the-budget billionaire’s burger, guests receive a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1995 poured in high-priced stemware imported from Italy. After the magnificent meal, the team at Fleur ships the glasses to the guest’s home -- at no additional charge, of course.

Don’t be frightened by the $5,000 high-roller burger because Hubert has created an extraordinary menu of inventive small-plate items at reasonable prices. There’s maple glazed pork ribs hidden beneath a smoke-filled glass dome that, when lifted, reveals its steaming sweet and savory combination.

Hubert pays homage to his appearances on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters with his contest-winning “In the Shower,” a mac and cheese made with lobster and brunoise vegetables. Fleur is a culinary adventure around the world inspired by his travels and adventures in Spain, Italy, North Africa, South America and his homeland of France.

The newly designed restaurant has been given a high-energy social makeover from top to bottom from his original Fleur des Lys there and opened up to people strolling the restaurant plaza. Over a sampling, Hubert told me: “I’m taking guests on a journey to different countries through small plates prepared really well with great flavors.”

I chose Kushi oysters topped with a margarita sorbet and orange puree that was served on an illuminated block of dry ice billowing its smoke. Incredible! I also loved the crab and avocado Sphere that sits atop a glass cylinder of watermelon gazpacho. Fantastic! I finished with the most unusual dessert I’ve ever tasted, the Afforgato LN2, a coffee-based dessert frozen tableside with liquid nitrogen topped with Bailey’s cream and espresso and his famous chocolate souffle, which will be the star attraction on an upcoming episode of The Food Network’s 5 to Die For. Heavenly!

Fleur is Las Vegas' first restaurant to offer cocktails infused with liquid nitrogen. It freezes beverages into the consistency of sorbet, intensifies the flavors and results in a spectacular tableside presentation with new and different libation flavors offered daily. Hubert also offers one of the largest Absinthe collections, prepared traditionally or Russian-style -- flambeed before guests and served with passion fruit, orange juice and vapors.

Unlike its predecessor, Fleur is for casual chic dining in three comfort areas, and all I can say is that it’s a totally unique dining experience, and the money you save buying the small bites can be put aside in savings. A year from now after 52 visits, break it out and splurge on the burger. As Rita Rudner would say, “Spend and save, then spend again.”

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