Five things I wrote in my notebook during Queens of the Stone Age at Cosmo

Queens of the Stone Age rocked so completely that the occasional annoying comment dissolved into the hot night.
Photo: Scott Harrison/Retna

1. Opening act Le Butcherettes is HOT … and a bit creepy and disturbing.

2. From the Boulevard Pool I see the Harmon Tower on my left and some dude in a ridiculously tight Speedo on a hotel-room balcony on my right. So basically, I’m surrounded by poorly done erections.

3. A guy just approached me and said, “Want my beer? I haven’t roofied it or anything.” And a woman behind me said, “Watch out, you’re going to wake up with Mike Tyson’s tiger.” Still, it’s a three-quarters-full Fosters, so bottoms up!

4. QOTSA frontman Josh Homme just made a “What happens in Vegas” joke. Good thing this band kicks so much ass, or I’d just be annoyed right now.

5. “This song was stolen from Elvis Presley,” cracks Homme while looking up at the big wrap around Harmon for Viva Elvis. That tune, “Little Sister,” rocks so hard even the maintenance guy changing garbage bags is bobbing his head.

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