Bungees, Battles and Beatles! Cirque Week is upon us again

Got behind the scenes with the Mystere Bungee Warriors during Cirque Week.

The Details

Cirque Week
December 1-10
Times, prices and venues vary
Tickets and info at CirqueduSoleil.com

I know what you’re thinking: If only this city had more Cirque du Soleil. You’re in luck. Cirque Week is here.

What’s Cirque Week? It’s seven days of special events geared toward the Cirque enthusiast. The price is steep ($561 for the full package; two-event packages start at $165), but the events are awesome. I’m most looking forward to the December 9 discussion on how they stage ’s gravity-defying vertical battle scene. My mom, whose favorite show is The Beatles Love, is excited about the December 2 demonstration at the state-of-the-art Love theater, which boasts 11 lifts, 24 digital projectors and 6,300 speakers.

Another event to consider: On December 4, the Mystère Bungee Warriors will demonstrate their high-flying fearlessness. How do they do it, night after night, without killing themselves? And more importantly, how do they do it in unison? Ask them yourselves; there’s going to be a Q&A. My question: Who would win in a fight, the Mystère Bungee Warriors or the Spearmen?


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