5 thoughts from Thievery Corporation’s Cosmo show

Photo: Erik Kabik / Retna
Sarah Gianetto

1. For a band that some might sort into the electronic genre, there is an impressive array of musicians gracing the stage tonight, including two percussionists, one drummer, two horns, one sitar player, one bassist, one guitarist, one DJ/programmer, and eight vocalists. Does that make 17 performers? I keep losing count.

2. The weather couldn’t be more perfect for a reggae/dub-heavy concert under an almost full moon while a storm brews closer and closer to the Strip, closing out the first night of the Wanderlust Festival. It would feel even better to be floating in the pool right now.

3. The air alternately smells of campfire, incense, weed and steak.

4. The encore begins with a crowd sing-along to one of their greatest hits, “Richest Man in Babylon.” Everyone knows this one. Hand in the air. “Whoa-oh-oh-oh ...”

5. The finale: “We got 15 men and two ladies on this stage ... We need some ladies up here!” And as the ladies flood the stage, you can really tell the difference between the yoga conference attendees and the typical Vegas club chicks dancing up there. One group is completely letting loose and enjoying everything their bodies are capable of; the other is minding their tight, short skirts while they sway side to side.


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