Comedy review: Daniel Tosh’s live show isn’t quite as daring as his TV series

Daniel Tosh proved he could take care of a heckler all by himself, thank you very much.
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The Details

Daniel Tosh
March 9, Mirage

The show began with an announcement. The voiceover guy said that if you “interacted” with the comics onstage, you’d be kicked out. Aren’t comedians supposed to take down hecklers on their own? Do they really need a corporate-sounding preemptive warning to help them out?

Daniel Tosh doesn’t—that’s for sure. But before we get to Tosh, let’s talk about his opening act: Matt Fulchiron. Never heard of the guy, but I walked away a fan. Fulchiron began with some healthy pandering: “Every time God closes a door, I open a beer. What kind off beer? Pabst Blue Ribbon.” (The audience was filled with hipsters and NASCAR fans, I should explain.) Next, he moved on to the harsher, more Tosh-like jokes: “My ex wanted to have a baby. I can’t afford a baby. I can’t even afford an abortion.”

And then, Daniel Tosh.

Tosh shuffled around the stage like a 90-year-old. It was odd because on his TV show, Tosh.0, he performs daring athletic feats, invariably with his shirt off. Maybe he threw his back out or maybe it was just shtick, but either way, it was odd. Oh, but who cares about his walk? What matters is his jokes, and they were strong.

Tosh on showbiz: “I wrote a career suicide note. Want to hear it? ‘Dear Jews.’ That’s all I’ve got so far.”

Tosh on religion: “Did anyone fact-check the Bible? My guess is, back in the day, they just printed first drafts. And then you get to the New Testament. ‘Is this Harry Potter now? No, it’s still the Bible.”

Tosh to the heckler in the front row, sitting next to the passed-out woman: “Any chance you’re going to stop talking? Whatever drug you gave her, maybe you could take one yourself.” (The heckler was never asked to leave, by the way.)

Tosh is really funny and really mean. I don’t mind his meanness. Maybe it’s because I’m a white male, so none of it is directed at me. Still, I couldn’t help but feel I was somehow pissing Tosh off. I felt like the rest of the audience and I were somehow getting in the way of his having a fun Vegas night. So … I apologize?


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