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Neon Reverb: spring 2012 schedule

Kid Meets Cougar plays Saturday night at the Junkyard.
Photo: Fred Morledge

The Details

Neon Reverb
Through March 25
Times and venues vary
Thursday pass $13, Friday pass $18, Saturday pass $25, all-festival pass $50
More details at neonreverb.com


Artifice (1025 S. 1st St.) Aurea Verba, 9 pm; The Bends, 10 pm; Young Prisms, 11 pm; The Velvet Teen, midnight; Chapter 24, 1 am. $6.

The Beat (520 Fremont St.) Vake, 8 pm; Dreaming of Lions 9 pm. Free.

Beauty Bar (517 Fremont St.) Sonidero Showcase ft. DJ St. Juan Apostol, 9 pm; Caoba Rock, 10 pm; DJ St. Juan Apostol, 10:45 pm; Dopamina, 11:15 pm; DJ BadBeat, midnight. $10.

Bunkhouse Saloon (124 S. 11th St.) The People’s Whiskey, 9 pm; The Clydesdale, 10 pm; The Lucky Cheats, 11 pm; Three Bad Jacks, midnight. $10.


Artifice (1025 S. 1st St.) Love Vendetta, 9 pm; Franz Voltaire, 10 pm; Fox Royal, 11 pm; Facts on File, midnight; Close to Modern, 1 am. $7.

Aruba Hotel (1215 S. Las Vegas Blvd.) Acton Town, 9 pm; River Ghost , 10 pm; Earth Rising, 11 pm; Nico Vega, midnight; Candy Warpop, 1 am. $10.

The Beat (520 Fremont St.) Bryan Todd, 8 pm; Dusty Sunshine, 9 pm. Free.

Beauty Bar (517 Fremont St.) Rize, BIZ:E!MNSTR!, FreshmodeKore, Wambat, HellNegative, Wicked. 10 pm. $2.

Bunkhouse Saloon (2 stages) (124 S. 11th St.) Reverend Red (in), 10 pm; Lovely Bad Things (out), 10:30 pm; The Knew (in), 11 pm; Dude City (out), 11:30 pm; Bangups (in), midnight; Crystal Antlers (out) 12:30 am. $12.

Gypsy Den (213 E. Colorado Ave.) Mama Zeus, 8 pm; Dry River Yacht Club, 9 pm; The Objex, 10 pm; Ministry of Love, 11 pm; Robot Nixon, midnight. $7.


Artifice (1025 S. 1st St.) DJs Matt McCoy, Allen, Badbeat, Xander Xero, Johnny Rox. 9 pm. $5.

Aruba Hotel (1215 S. Las Vegas Blvd.) Tinglerz, 10 pm; Fierce Creatures, 11 pm; Cuckoo Chaos, midnight; Most Thieves, 1 am. $10.

The Beat (520 Fremont St.) Luna Moth, 8 pm; OK Sweetheart, 9 pm. Free.

Beauty Bar (2 stages) (517 Fremont St.) DJs Munkey!, Yellow Fever, Quarters & Eighths, BLWNSPKRS & Mamushka, Cynics (in), 9 pm-3 am; free. Jacuzzihidive (out), 10 pm; Hyperland (out), 11 pm; Pride and the Vanities (out), midnight; Delfonic Love (out), 1 am. $5.

Bunkhouse Saloon (2 stages) (124 S. 11th St.) CuPPs (in), 10 pm; Stereo High (out), 10:30 pm; Burning Agresic (in), 11 pm; Mike Pinto Band (out), 11:30 pm; Days After Hail (in), midnight; The Aggrolites (out), 12:30 am. $10.

Gypsy Den (213 E. Colorado Ave.) DJs M!KEATTACK, Kid Conrad, Kaotic, 1-9 pm; $5-$10. Hoka Hey!, 9 pm; Douglas and the Furs, 10 pm; Shiny Boots of Leather, 11 pm; Mr. Free & The Satellite Freakout, midnight. $5.

The Junkyard (708 S. 1st St.) Totescity (DJ), 5 pm; Jamuel Saxon, 6 pm; VHS or Beta, 7 pm; Totescity (live set), 8 pm; Kid Meets Cougar, 8:30 pm; YACHT 9:30 pm. $15.


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