400 cups of glitter, a hidden Lindsay Lohan doll and 4 other unexpected facts about ‘Absinthe’

The Gazillionaire of “Absinthe,” with cast mates Melody Sweets and Penny Pibbets, celebrates his birthday at Lavo in the Palazzo on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012.
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Backstage at 'Absinthe'

Angel Porrino Debuts in 'Absinthe'

“Absinthe” may be a show notorious for leaving little to the imagination, but there are still a few things most people probably don’t know about the outrageous adult circus. Ever wonder how many bottles of baby oil Angel Porrino goes through in a week? What about how much booze Penny Pibbets drinks in a night?

We recently spoke with house manager Joseph Sanders to get the scoop on what keeps “Absinthe” flowing night after night; by the numbers, here are six things you probably didn’t know about the show, which celebrates its 500th performance and first anniversary Sunday, at Caesars Palace.

22 DOLLARS: The cost of each fetish balloon, ordered directly from China, that Porrino uses in her topless tap-dancing routine. With Porrino going through an average of 12 balloons per week, that makes her the most expensive act in the show.

2 WEEKS: The average time it takes Porrino to go through a bottle of baby oil, which she coats herself in to squeeze through the balloon.

400 CUPS: The estimated amount of glitter confetti and green rose petals the show goes through in a month.

12 MINUTES: The amount of time it takes the crew to break down, clean up and set up the performance space between “Absinthe’s” two nightly shows. That includes dismantling the high wire, sweeping up the glitter, candy and popcorn on the floor, re-hanging the kabuki drop and setting up the props for Maxim Popazov’s act.

1 DELINQUENT CELEBRITY: Lindsay Lohan might be wise to stay away from Las Vegas, but you’ll still find her at “Absinthe” every night. Or her doll, anyway. Look for the Barbie-sized likeness of La Lohan locked inside a birdcage near the tent’s front entrance; it’s just one of the subtle details that make up “Absinthe’s” eccentric decor (also of note: a mirror ball, a model sailboat and Pibbets running drunkenly in the aisles).

'QUITE A LOT': The amount of booze Sanders says Penny drinks in a night. An estimate is far too difficult to gauge; the world may never know.

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