Pigs, sharks and one angry stick: Rick Lax reviews three apps

Bad Piggies It’s Angry Birds, from the pigs’ point of view. You construct wheeled, wooden carts to roll green pigs down rocky hills. If the pigs make it to the bottom without crashing, they get a treasure map, which leads them to the birds’ eggs. Controlling the runaway carts is fun; constructing them requires some thought. Which I don’t like. Angry Birds is superior because I can play that game mindfully or mindlessly.

The Details

Bad Piggies
Three stars
99 cents
Jaws Revenge
Five stars
Anger of Stick 3
Two stars

Jaws Revenge I’ve wasted dozens of glorious hours on this game. I’m Jaws. I’m eating swimmers, divers, paragliders and pilots. I’m increasing my lunge, my bite and my toughness. I don’t know how to stop. Years ago, I promised myself I’d never dish out any cash to augment an initially free game. Jaws Revenge made me break that promise. Best $2 I ever spent.

Anger of Stick 3 It’s like Contra or Double Dragon, minus the backstory, the changing scenery, the dynamic enemies or the fun. Stickman is angry, because he’s bored. And because every time he starts a game, he has to flip through a 22-page “control description.” Anger of Stick 3 only has a high app store rating because when you die, you’re asked, “Please give a good rating for the game. I’ll give you game money 3000.” No thanks.


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