Seth Meyers’ standup proves an uneven mix

Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” newsman Seth Meyers takes over Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night time slot in 2014.
Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews

Three stars

Seth Meyers August 3, Mirage

Lots of people like Seth Meyers. I don’t know if many people love him—I don’t think he’s anyone’s favorite comic—but I don’t think anyone hates him, either. Not after his decade of solid (if not inspired) work on SNL’s “Weekend Update.”

After watching the future Late Night with Seth Meyers host perform an hour of his own material, I like him even more. Still don’t love him—he’s a little safe for my taste—but he’s growing on me.

After the obligatory “I love flying to Las Vegas because it’s the one destination where people start acting like they’re in Vegas when they board”-style observations, he got into the political stuff:

“Who thinks Obama is doing a good job?”

Some applause.

“Who thinks Obama’s doing a bad job?”

More applause and some boos.

“Why did you boo? I gave you a chance to be positive about your distaste.”

Meyers himself is split on the president’s performance. He sees Obama “like Don Draper: When he talks, he’s the best, but when I don’t see him, it’s like he’s f*cking someone else.”

Meyers bounced back and forth, between funny jokes like that one and less than funny jokes like this one: “I worry about the environment; I feel like Mother Earth is trying to tell us she’s just not that into us.” Even four-and-a-half years ago (when He’s Just Not That Into You was published), that joke would have sucked.

And then back to the good stuff: “The one European economy that has its sh*t together is Germany. But they can’t exactly walk into the EU room and say, ‘We have a plan. I think you will find it an amenable final solution.’ I feel bad for Germany. They can’t escape their history. They’re like the kid in high school who sh*t his pants at prom. He marries a supermodel and sells his tech company to Google for $10 million, and then at the reunion everyone’s like, ‘You sh*t your pants at prom.’”

After recounting two years of the high life in Amsterdam and the time he tried to lead the crowd through “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at a Cubs game, Meyers closed with a handful of jokes that the NBC censors wouldn’t let him tell. See if you can figure out why!

“A woman on The Tyra Banks Show says she had two vaginas. But after enough margaritas, don’t they all?”

“A lesbian couple was kicked out of IHOP for kissing. When asked about the incident, one of the women said, ‘We’re upset, but it’s not going to stop us from eating out.’”

Wonder whether jokes like that will fly in Jimmy Fallon’s time slot. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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