5 thoughts on Twin Shadow’s July 4 Cosmopolitan set

Twin Shadow performs an intimate holiday set at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool.
Photo: Toby Acuna
Jason Harris

1. It felt like adult swim at the local pool when I was a kid, because this was the most empty I’ve seen the Boulevard Pool for a major act. No doubt, a lot of that was due to the holiday, but it must have been a disappointment for promoters, especially after the overstuffed crowds at April’s Cosmochella shows that featured a lot of similar indie acts.

2. Not that I’m complaining! It was easy to imagine we were at a private resort and that the owners had flown in Twin Shadow (aka George Lewis Jr.) and his three-piece backing band to perform a members-only show for us. There was plenty of room to dip your feet in the water, and drink lines were nonexistent.

3. Sausage and peppers fans, I have bad news for you. The grill next to the bar has changed menus for the summer—to chicken and beef tacos.

4. While Lewis’ hair was relatively low-key—short all around and dyed blond on top—one crowd member sported a look I’ve never seen before. Let’s call it the Twin Shadow Mullet: bushy, baby Flock of Seagulls in the front and dreadlocks in the back.

5. It’s true that Twin Shadow would have fit perfectly among the new wavers of the 1980s, but I don’t get the Morrissey comparisons. To me, Twin Shadow’s music is a perfect love child of The English Beat and Seal: danceable ska-like beats and quick guitar fills topped by Lewis’ efforted voice. Sprinkle in some synths from your favorite ’80s Brit band (Human League, New Order, Flock), blend it up and dance the night away.


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