Vegas bound: Talking podcast with Keith Malley from ‘Keith and the Girl’

Photo: Eric Korenman
Julie Seabaugh

Keith Malley began online comedy-talk show Keith and The Girl with co-host Chemda Hennessy in 2005, back before the word “podcast” ever existed. Today they average a million downloads a month, maintain their own studio and network and have welcomed guests including Hannibal Buress, Eugene Mirman, Doug Stanhope and Gilbert Gottfried. In honor of KATG’s 10th anniversary they’ll tape 10 shows in 10 cities in 10 days. In Vegas on October 13, Malley, Hennessy and a busload of show fan favorites will welcome local comic Brandt Tobler and KOMP 92.3-FM’s Brandon “Gooch” Hahm to the stage.

From the inception of podcasts to breakouts like WTF with Marc Maron and Serial, what has surprised you most about the evolution of the format? Is it okay to say we’re not really surprised by how big it’s grown? When we started podcasting 10 years ago we knew right away—even though podcasting was in its infancy—that it was something special and unique: true freedom of expression. To look back at what we did before the iPod and iTunes even had podcasting sections, it does seem amazing. But it has also been 10 years. That’s a nice amount of time for something this exciting to catch on. It’s funny to think 10 years ago it was a nerdy thing, and now it’s a force. That’s very fun to see.

What’s on the horizon for KATG following the tour, and what do the next 10 years hold? On the immediate horizon following this tour is a nap. As for the next 10 years, it’s hard to say what we’ll be talking about, because it really looks like the world is falling into place and everyone is finally getting along.

What one piece of vital advice do you have for newbie podcast hosts and producers? New hosts and producers need to remember what attracted them to podcasting in the beginning: the ability to have a unique voice. Be yourself. There’s a lot of youse out there, and they’re ready to listen.

This is the first time you’ve brought KATG to Vegas. Anything you’re particularly looking forward to doing, seeing, eating or drinking while in town? Other than making, oh, a billion dollars at the tables, we’ll need to experience everything Vegas. We’re free spirits. I know it’ll be fun to hang out with everyone and paint the town red … and then go home with one of those giant millionaire checks!

Keith and The Girl podcast taping October 13, 9 p.m., $22-49. Backstage Bar & Billiards, 702-382-2223.

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