All The Vegas Podcast: Paul Shaffer

Paul Shaffer is back for more at Cleopatra’s Barge.
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If you wanted to bring back the old Vegas era when all the action was in the casino lounge and there was no telling who would jump onstage in the wee hours to join a sizzling live band, the right man for that particular job would have be Paul Shaffer. The legendary bandleader is our guest on this episode of All The Vegas and he’s talking all about his swinging shows at Caesars Palace’s great lounge Cleopatra’s Barge.

All The Vegas

ATV12: Paul Shaffer

All The Vegas hosts Brock Radke and Mark Shunock talk with music and TV icon Paul Shaffer about his Caesars Palace shows and much more.

We also talk with Paul about his life after Letterman; the experience of playing with so many of his musical heroes throughout his illustrious career; how a gig with the Toronto production of “Godspell” took him to New York City and “Saturday Night Live”; collaborating with Las Vegas’ own bandleader of choice David Perrico; and choosing the right surprise guests for his Caesars run. Definitely hang with us for the entire podcast because you don’t want to miss Paul’s story about John Belushi’s tambourine. It’s amazing.


Paul recommends every Vegas visitor should stop by the Paul Shaffer 1980s Las Vegas Museum of Relics, which is real.

Mark likes to cook his own meat and that’s how he discovered an amazing Korean barbecue joint in Chinatown called 8oz Steakhouse.

Brock is hungry, too. He directs Paul to the best Caesars spot for post-show, late-night eats and that’s Beijing Noodle No. 9.

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