S#*! My Dad Says’ is better on Twitter than TV

Hey son, I know where you can get hotel rooms at 60 percent off. I also know about the trouble with tribbles.”

The Details

SH*! My Dad Says
Two stars
CBS, Thursdays, 8:30 p.m.

As far source material for TV series goes, a Twitter feed offers substantially less to go on than, say, a book or a movie. So the relationship between the new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says and its more colorfully named Twitter inspiration is pretty minimal; sanitized versions of some of the profane utterances writer Justin Halpern documented his father saying are peppered throughout the show, but it’s an otherwise thoroughly conventional and uninspired comedy. More than Twitter, the real draw of Dad is star William Shatner as the curmudgeonly father figure, and he hams it up as much as expected. The material is so drab and bland, though, that neither Shatner’s innate charm nor the prickly cynicism of Halpern’s actual dad comes through. It turns out that CBS went through all this effort just to snag the tired sitcom character of the crotchety old guy.


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