Six burning questions for the sixth season of ‘Mad Men’

Peggy’s status on AMC’s Mad Men has fueled much fan speculation.

The Details

Mad Men
10 p.m., AMC

Will Peggy return to SCDP? Toward the end of the fifth season, Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), fed up with being underappreciated, took a job at rival ad agency CGC. Although she’s still a series regular this season, her position away from the show’s main workplace may reduce her previously central role in the drama.

Will the Drapers’ marriage hold up? At the beginning of the fifth season, Don Draper’s marriage to his former secretary Megan (Jessica Paré) seemed like a perfect match, with far more passion than his first marriage. But as the season wore on, their age gap and different cultural outlooks caused them to drift apart, and Don (Jon Hamm) was last seen eyeing another woman in a bar.

Will Betty Francis have more to do? Don’s ex-wife Betty (January Jones) appeared in only four episodes during the fifth season, far removed from the main action. Since Jones’ real-life pregnancy was part of the reason for Betty’s absence, this season may see her playing a more prominent role in the show.

How deep will Pete Campbell’s existential despair go? His affair with his neighbor’s wife last season really shook Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) to his core, and rumors flew online that certain visual symbols indicated that he would commit suicide. Pete’s still alive, but will he embrace his placid suburban life or give in to more ennui?

Will Joan finally get the respect she deserves? Fiery office manager Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) essentially had to resort to prostitution to secure her stake in SCDP last season, but will her colleagues finally realize her best assets are her managerial and negotiating skills?

And most importantly: How will the characters look in the groovy fashions of the late 1960s?


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