Same stuff, different day: ‘24: Legacy’ repeats familiar patterns

Jack Bauer is gone, replaced by Corey Hawkins’ Eric Carter, a former Army Ranger targeted by terrorists.
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Two and a half stars

24: Legacy Mondays, 8 p.m., Fox. Premieres February 5, 7:30 p.m.

Middle Eastern terrorists are planning an attack on America, and only one rogue CTU agent can stop them. Unfortunately, CTU has an internal leak, and a hapless member of the hero’s family is in danger elsewhere. This could be the introduction to almost any of the eight original seasons of Fox’s real-time espionage drama 24, and it also applies to the sequel 24: Legacy, even with an entirely new cast of characters. Kiefer Sutherland’s hardened CTU agent Jack Bauer is gone, replaced by Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), a former Army Ranger targeted by terrorists after he led a CTU mission to kill their leader. Like Jack in the later seasons of the original series, Eric is haunted by some of the things he’s seen and done for his country, and he’s distrustful of the people giving out orders.

Mostly, though, he’s a badass action hero just like his predecessor, and the show (written and produced largely by the original creative team) takes him through very familiar territory, with little innovation or variation. The plot unfolds at breakneck speed as characters recklessly place themselves in ridiculous situations that are then resolved just as abruptly, with the ultimate goal constantly shifting. Seeing Jack go through the old motions in 2014 revival season Live Another Day had a certain nostalgic appeal, but without him Legacy is mostly just a pointless retread.

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