Zak Bagans brings latest project ‘Demon House’ to the big screen

Bagans (left) brings his Ghost Adventurers expertise to Demon House.

Midway through our conversation about his new documentary feature film Demon House, Las Vegan Zak Bagans tells me about a previous interview, during which the interviewer’s phone cut out, interrupted by a mysterious warning from a female voice. It’s a testament to how thoroughly convincing the Ghost Adventures star can be that for a moment I expect the same thing to happen again. Of course, it doesn’t, but that unwavering dedication to the paranormal is exactly what has garnered Bagans a massive following since Ghost Adventures premiered on the Travel Channel in 2008.

Bagans’ latest project finds him purchasing a home in Gary, Indiana, that is the site of an alleged demon infestation, and bringing his typical investigative techniques to bear on the so-called “house of 200 demons.” As he tells it, this was no typical ghost-hunting expedition. “It was an experience that has really left a mark on me,” he says. “It wasn’t one of those things where we went there and there was sh*t flying around everywhere like you see in some of those movies. It was a disease. It was an infection. And those who had exposure to the source, the house, they were marked for something.”

That includes Bagans himself, along with members of his crew and various local officials who had reason to visit the house. Via re-enactments and interviews, the movie explores the possibility that the house is literally cursed, filled with demons who cause victims to act strangely, even dangerously, and can bring misfortune on people even long after they’ve moved on. “It’s something that never goes away, and that’s the really odd thing about this,” Bagans says.

As always, audiences can judge for themselves whether Bagans really encountered supernatural entities, and whether those entities have an impact on the real world. Vegas locals can even see some of the artifacts from the house at Bagans’ Haunted Museum downtown. Danger or not, Bagans himself remains committed to chasing ghosts and demons, wherever they might be. “I am intrigued by the darkness,” he says. “I want to be taken out of our material world and experience something that is in another dimension.”

DEMON HOUSE Directed by Zak Bagans. Not rated. Opens Friday at Brenden Palms; also available on VOD.

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