Deconstructing a Casey Weldon painting

One of the many Weldon works on exhibit at Trifecta Gallery.


In Other Words
Through May 29
Trifecta Gallery
107 E. Charleston Blvd.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in an ice cream cone. Complete desire, a lickable dream in a crispy wafer, a perfect portrait of the perfect answer to everything. So perfect you don’t expect the dark undertones. You don’t notice, at first, the perversion, that the thing coveted is not what you bargained for, not all that it promised. That’s why Casey Weldon’s “Deadbeat Summer”—inspired by the Neon Indian song of the same name—could fit easily into any of his shows. He’s a master of capturing collective nostalgia, bordering on the misgivings of the American dream—the misty-eyed girls, the man with the drink or a child on a Big Wheel in empty suburbia at dusk. In this case, it’s melting ice cream, pistachio probably, doubling as a skull. The works in the Trifecta Gallery exhibit In Other Words play off song titles or incorrect lyrics in representational paintings that are unforgettably Weldon.

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Kristen Peterson

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