Discover another side of the artist at ‘Da Vinci - The Genius’

The exhibit also includes research on the Mona Lisa.


Da Vinci - The Genius
Through October 15, daily, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
Venetian, 414-1000

Every once in a while, a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit pops up—not of his artwork, of course, which is sealed away in museums, but of his inventions, as deciphered and built using Da Vinci’s own sketches and notebooks. Though commercial, they’re usually pretty interesting. After all, here’s a guy who was designing flying machines, scuba gear, military crafts and flywheels in the 15th century. Scientists and artisans have gone to great lengths to decipher his notebooks and build his inventions.

One such effort is on display in Da Vinci – The Genius at the Venetian. Created by Grande Exhibitions, the traveling exhibit includes 75 life-size inventions, reproductions of his artwork and, possibly the centerpiece, Pascal Cotte’s research on “Mona Lisa.” Five years ago, with permission from the Louvre, Cotte used multispectral digitization to analyze layers of the painting, giving light to its transformation over the years. His results, still debated by art experts, add to the intrigue that’s held thinkers captive for 500 years.

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