Three exhibits to see at April’s First Friday

An image from Justyna Badach’s Bachelor Portraits exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center.
Justyna Badach

The days when First Friday was an art -based event with visitors heading to Arts District exhibit openings seems like forever ago, but vestiges of its past still exist via galleries that continue to stay open during the street festival. Here's three of them:

Contemporary Arts Center: Philadelphia artist Justyna Badach’s Bachelor Portraits offers a somber and sobering look at contemporary life in America through intimate photographs of men in their personal and solitary worlds. The images serve as a portal into private lives, turning viewers into voyeurs, despite the posed nature of the subjects.

Momas and Dadas New Genres Project House: The Traveling Miracle Show at 926B S. Casino Center Blvd. promises an evening of “miraculous events” and “astonishing spectacles.” The performance and installations’ lineup—Matthew Couper, Brent Holmes, Jenessa Kenway, JK Russ, Jevijoe Vitug and Michael Barrett— gives us reason to believe the slogan, “You won’t believe your eyes!”

Art Square: The multi-use space’s triple whammy includes a continuation of Walter Taieb’s Portraits Through Books at Downtown Contemporary, a string quartet performing Mozart in the garden and the group show, Asleep in Vegas at RTZVegas, including Anne Davis Mulford’s sleeping performance (Tilda Swinton was busy).

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