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David Sanchez Burr’s ‘New Citadel’ kicks off fall residencies at P3

David Sanchez Burr’s “Metasonic Series: Disassembling tributes to Frontier, Dunes and Stardust,” were displayed at the Clark County Government Center in February.
Photo: Steve Marcus

By now, locals are well in the habit of making pilgrimages to the Cosmopolitan’s P3Studio to experience the interactive performance/installation works by artists in residence such as New York photographer Abby Robinson, who on Sunday concluded her month residency, "Body Imaging."

On Wednesday, August 21, Las Vegas-based artist David Sanchez Burr begins his experimental sound and interactive sculptural installation at P3, officially launching the residency program’s fall and winter lineup. Titled "New Citadel," it continues the artist’s sculptural explorations of entropy and change. Literature and film’s science fiction and “futuristic architectural references” are the inspiration for the exhibit, which examines ideas of maintenance as well as decay. Also included are Sanchez Burr’s experimental instruments, an endeavor into sculptural sound devices that visitors to Kleven Contemporary were able to experience in his “Somebody Kill the Radio” exhibit in April 2012.

The artist residency program began when the Cosmopolitan opened in 2010 and functions as a partnership between the Las Vegas Strip resort and the Art Production Fund in New York. It includes residencies by artists in and outside of Las Vegas.

Following Sanchez Burr will be Dan Kopp, September 18-Oct. 13; Sean Mellyn, October 16-Nov. 10; Field Kallop, November 13-December 8; and Alisha Kerlin, December 11- January 19.

David Sanchez Burr, "New Citadel" Wednesdays–Sundays, 6-11 p.m., August 21-September 15, Cosmo’s P3Studio.

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