New gallery Satellite Contemporary opens in Emergency Arts this month

A work by Christopher Kane Taylor, to be featured in Satellite Contemporary’s debut Out-of-Towners exhibit.

A new gallery opens in Emergency Arts this month, bringing to town an exhibit aptly titled Out-Of-Towners and designed to set the tone for what’s to come.

The gallery, Satellite Contemporary, is a joint effort by a trio of artists and faculty at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff looking to expand beyond its “small-town reach and into a larger regional context that has an international presence.”

The group, which began its tenancy in the Downtown multiuse space November 1, holds its first opening November 15, featuring artists from the East and West Coasts, the Southwest and Australia. In December the gallery moves across the hall and into the space to be vacated by TastySpace Gallery.

“We’re really excited,” says artist Nicole Langille Jelsing, who’s opening Satellite Contemporary with Dennis McGinnis and Christopher Kane Taylor. “One of the things we love about Las Vegas is that it’s a small community of artists, but a growing community, and that Las Vegas has an international presence.”

Group members, she says, have spent time in Las Vegas and followed its gallery scene, adding that the gallery’s aim is to show curated exhibits of work by local, national and international artists. Plans are to have interns staffing the space on the weekends in exchange for exhibits or curatorial opportunities.

In addition to Satellite Contemporary owners, Out-of-Towners will feature paintings, works on paper and photography by Jared Jelsing, Eleanor Aldrich, Judith Baumann, Matthew Best, Joomi Chung, Sean Greene, Pang-Chieh Hsu, Sandy Litchfield, Morgan McKeehan, Larissa Mellor, Bridget Mullen, Bridget O’Brien, Nicole Stone and Derrick Velasquez.

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