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[2015 Critics' Picks]

Best of 2015: Fine Art

Millei’s “Jack Daniels and Jeopardy”
Dawn-Michelle Baude

Pasha Rafat's Light Works at Brett Wesley Gallery.

1. Picasso: Creatures and Creativity (Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art) It takes place in a boudoir. It feels like sci-fi. It reads like a graphic novel. Picasso’s prints raise questions about his psychology no one dares answer.

2. Recent Acquisitions (Barrick Museum) These works, by 32 Las Vegas-connected artists, did the city proud.

3. David Ryan (Michele C. Quinn Fine Art Advisory) The sculptor scales down and goes intimate, revealing astonishing, painterly superpowers.

4. John Millei: If 6 Turned Out to Be 9 (Barrick Museum) These canvases are so hyper-controlled they’re the opposite of letting go. But he’s letting go.

5. Pasha Rafat: Light Works (Brett Wesley Gallery) Tight light. Architectural installations transform the gallery into an optical illusion machine.

  • Unraveling Identity at Sahara West Library feels like a public service announcement on sexual and gender diversity.

  • It opened in June with conceptual artist Ayanah Moor, who uses a range of different media to explore the black queer identity, and how it ...

  • Smith was also influenced by the Steve Wonder song “Black Orchid,” which “really speaks to the idea of a black trans woman being misunderstood and ...

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