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New galleries and a TV show keep Vegas’ creative community evolving

Steve Anthony’s work will be up at the new Obsidian Fine Art this month.
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore

On the heels of Downtown Spaces’ recent growth, this month finds the adjacent Arts District expanding significantly.

On November 3-5, recently-founded U+U Art Gallery will present a culturally and content-diverse exhibit, Art Mod, in the Institution 18b building. It will showcase artists Emmy Lu, Gigi Boldon and Timothy Bluitt, with a reception with all three scheduled for November 5 from 5 to 9 p.m. U+U Gallery founder Michelle Scott says her goal is to show a wide variety of artistry. She’s been involved in the art scenes of San Francisco, Chicago and LA, and now wants to inspire change here. “I want to fill a gap,” Scott says. “Bringing diversity to Las Vegas can open up some eyes and let people see that we can do something different.” Scott is looking for a building to house the gallery beyond its temporary exhibition. She’s considering the roughly 6,000-square-foot building next to Institution 18b, along with other options. While looking for a more permanent venue, she plans to host another art exhibit in January or February.

Over at the Arts Factory, which has undergone a remodel over the past several months, artists Amanda Wisniewski (who goes by Mandy Joy), Steve Anthony and Jana Lynch are changing it up. Joy and Anthony will celebrate the grand opening of their first gallery partnership, Obsidian Fine Art, on November 3 and 4. The new space is located on the second floor of the Arts Factory, in the former SaVx Gallery space. The two friends, who have exhibited at Jana’s RedRoom and Victor Xiu Gallery, will have new and previously shown pieces up through November 25. The grand-opening exhibit will feature Anthony’s impressionist figures, which draw on visceral emotion and emphasize three-dimensional structure. Joy’s work for this exhibit will showcase detailed fall landscapes and Día de los Muertos-themed artwork.“There’s a lot of change going on right now in the art scene, and fall is a good time for that,” Joy says. “Once fall comes, lots of people come out again, and they really get into it.”

Lynch, owner of Jana’s RedRoom, will also strive to involve the community by showcasing Vegas artists and businesses on new TV series RedRoom LIVE, set to air on local channels owned by KGNG and the CW (depending on sponsorship) Saturdays at noon (and rebroadcast Sundays at 7 p.m.), beginning November 19, according to producer Paul Vowell. Lynch says the show will feature segments hosted by local artists, like “What is Art LV?” with Alexander Huerta, art lessons, upcoming RedRoom After Dark events and interviews. Her goal: to connect the Vegas art scene to other markets and syndicate her show nationally. “I’m genuinely in love with these people and this community, and we want you to come and enjoy our neighborhood,” she says.

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