Filmmaker Tim Burton will bring a giant show of his art to the Neon Museum in October

Filmmaker Tim Burton will bring his artwork to the Neon Museum in October.

The last time Tim Burton camped out in Las Vegas, we were overrun by Martian invaders and two flavors of Jack Nicholson. The Landmark Hotel town was imploded; Pahrump was vaporized. In other words, it wasn’t that bad a time. We’ll be more than happy to have him back in October, when the filmmaker stages an exhibition of his fine art—his first in the US in nearly a decade—at Downtown’s Neon Museum.

You read that right. Tim Burton @ the Neon Museum, scheduled to run from October 15, 2019 through February 15, 2020, will feature new and previously displayed large-scale work by the celebrated filmmaker, animator and author, and will be staged in such a way as to take full advantage of the Neon Museum’s combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. The show, a site-specific collaboration between the Museum and Burton, will allow the filmmaker to reflect on his creative legacy while showing his love for the Neon Boneyard, which he popularized during a memorable sequence in his 1996 comedy Mars Attacks.

“To say we’re flattered that Mr. Burton has chosen our museum for this exhibition would be an understatement,” Neon Museum president and CEO Rob McCoy said in an email statement. “But when you think about it, Tim is one of the few artists who can match the great imagination of Las Vegas.”

And Las Vegas might offer one of the few stages big enough to accommodate him. Burton’s 2009 show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art drew some 800,000 attendees; it was the third-most popular exhibition in MoMA’s history. Who knows what Burton could do with more outdoor space and a destination city he loves enough to have once destroyed? Brace for an invasion.

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