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Remember records? Even stranger, remember those smaller records with the big ol’ holes in the middle? Kinda like the ones in a jukebox. Well, it’s been 60 years since the 45-rpm record fell into the hands of teeny-boppers around the world. Nightlife’s favorite mixer, Red Bull, is celebrating the really old-school records with four DJs spinning an all-vinyl, all-45s set. Because 78-rpm records just aren’t as much fun.

The Details

45 Challenge at LAX
Monday, August 31, 11 p.m.

On Monday, August 31 at LAX (open on a special night, just for the occasion), DJs Shortkut, John Doe, Music Man Miles and Jake One will dig through their crates of 45s for a group performance pitting the members of the quartet against one another from opposite corners of the room. Each turntablist will play for approximately four minutes, and the next DJ will sync up to the previous DJ’s track, without the aid of a beat-matching program. Special guest Rich Medina will also play during the night. We think the 45 challenge could be amazing—or a total train wreck; either way, it’s definitely worth checking out. The party starts at 11 p.m., and it’s free admission, so no whining.

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