Mariachis take … Paris?!

Illustration: Wesley Gatbonton

On May 5, 1862, some 4,500 Mexican militia members under the leadership of general Ignacio Zaragoza faced what seemed an impossible task. Stationed near the Mexican city of Puebla, the soldiers were confronted by a force of 6,500 well-outfitted French soldiers intent on invading the country and installing French leadership in Mexico City. They never reached the Mexican capital. The militiamen sent the French packing—an unexpected victory that was rendered moot a few years later when they returned and successfully took control of the government.

The Details

Las Vegas International Mariachi Festival
September 12, 8 p.m., $99-$185.
Paris Las Vegas, 967-4567.

This weekend, the tables will turn. Mexico is invading Paris. An army of mariachis in sparkling suits and noisy pants will march on Paris Las Vegas for the 19th Annual Las Vegas International Mariachi Festival, a one-night event that brings premier mariachi bands to perform live on one stage. It’s not quite history in the making, but it’s a cultural exchange you can bet would earn a chuckle from the boys back in Puebla. When the Luxor hosts an Israeli dance festival, we’ll be really impressed.

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