Introducing Pet Tigers, your new favorite ’80s outfit

Keytars and bass guitars: Pet Tiger in action.
Photo: Laura Davis

If VH1 has taught us anything, it’s that everyone loves them some ’80s. Pet Tigers—last Saturday’s Freakin’ Frog closing act—know it. Amid Pat Benatarish melodies meshed with Blondie-style power vocals, and singer Liz Ofte’s black-and-white attire and lime-green eye shadow, the trio are proving that girls still want to have fun, just like in the Aquanet days.

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Pet Tigers

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    You're the Last Thing
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    You're the Last Thing

More on Pet Tigers

“I like the ’80s a lot,” Ofte says. “I’ve been in a lot of ’80s cover bands. I like the very electronic [sound] and how simple and fun the music is.”

The flashback doesn’t stop there. The new local band, only on the scene since December, have filled the slot typically reserved for a guitar with—what else?—keytar. “They’re so corny that they’re cool,” laughs drummer Tracey Hope. Adds Ofte: “I ordered it on eBay from England. I came in the highest bidder and didn’t realize I was bidding in Euros, so it was more money than I thought.”

Bassist Ryan Arcoraci says the lack of guitar has had a positive effect. “Every band thinks you’ve got to have a guitar, a bass and a drum. It was an artistic challenge to take away instruments and try to make more sound with less.”Pet Tigers’ Frog show isn’t just a celebration of nostalgia; watching a band having a visibly good time onstage can be fresh in and of itself. “We’re just all about having fun,” Arcoraci says. “We want people to participate and enjoy it.”


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