Sin City Sinners to debut new video starring… Ron Jeremy?

A still from Sin City Sinners’ video, “Goin’ to Vegas”

Featuring Las Vegas in your music video is nothing new — U2, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne and, ugh, Kevin Federline have used our iconic welcome sign and neon lights to set the tone for hit (or, in the former Mr. Spears’ case, not-so-hit) singles. Topping the status quo of raining money and showgirl feathers is a difficult feat, but if anyone can do it, it’s Vegas’ own Sin City Sinners.


Band Guide
Sin City Sinners
"Goin' to Vegas" Release Party
hosted by Ron Jeremy
Saturday, May 8, 10 p.m.
Ovation inside Green Valley Ranch
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Sin City Sinners, official site

The popular local band, known for rousing covers as well as original music, will be debuting the video for their song “Goin’ to Vegas” this Saturday night at Ovation inside Green Valley Ranch, and from what Sinners manager (and the video’s director) Jason Green tells the Weekly, the video is going to be epic.

The premise is straightforward: After a fight with his girlfriend, Sinners frontman Todd Kerns is confronted by the proverbial, shoulder-sitting angel and devil duo, both played by the one-and-only Ron Jeremy. Mr. Jeremy lays out the options: Stay and make things work, or ditch the dumb broad and hightail it to Sin City.

You can guess which route he takes.

Kerns picks up his hitchhiking bandmates and the Sinners proceed to romp through Vegas, running into Carrot Top, adult film actress Sunny Leone, Vinnie Paul of Pantera and Bobby Blotzer of Ratt along the way. The video took two months of on-and-off filming to complete and was finished this week, just in time for Saturday’s premiere. The Sinners will play the video on Ovation’s large screens at 11 p.m. and simultaneously release it on YouTube for the world to see.

Ron Jeremy hosts Saturday’s party, and if you’re wondering how he is connected with the Sinners, look no further than the hedgehog’s member. Green owns an adult film company, so he has many connections to the adult industry. He’s even directed porn (under a different name) and jokes that he’s happy to have directed something he’ll be able to show his mom.

The porn-directing foray did come in handy in one other way, though. Green laughs and explains: “Before we started filming, I told the band, ‘Don’t worry. I have experience filming assholes.’”


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