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GoldBoot was made for dancin’

GoldBoot performs at Beauty Bar
Photo: Corlene Byrd
Leslie Ventura

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes, Las Vegas—or dancing boots. Singer Logan Lanning and drummer Daniel Conway, former members of defunct local band America Yeah, have returned to the scene with a new endeavor, GoldBoot.

Inspired by their disco and funk roots, Lanning and Conway write and record all of the band’s material, but their live show includes other familiar faces such as bassist Leo Banchik, formerly of The Rooks, and singer/keyboardist Grace Sims. Their disco flair varies from faint riffs to full-on grooves made complete by the use of wah-wah pedals and keyboards. “It’s kind of like a rock base with disco and funk,” Lanning says. “With a little bit of an electro influence in there.”

An amalgam of Diamond Dogs-era Bowie, Q and Not U, and Vegas’ own Black Camaro, GoldBoot’s set at the Beauty Bar on Friday was energetic despite the cold and included a cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U.”

With some of the city’s indie dance bands living elsewhere (Afghan Raiders) or on performing hiatus (Kid Meets Cougar), a shot of GoldBoot could be just what Vegas needs.


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