5 thoughts from Adele at Cosmo’s Chelsea Ballroom

Adele | 20 August 2011 | Chelsea Ballroom at The Cosmopolitan
Photo: Isaac Brekken

Expect our full review of Adele’s first Las Vegas concert this Thursday. Until then, here are some thoughts from the sold-out show.

1. Adele at Chelsea Ballroom, Death Cab for Cutie and Frightened Rabbit at the pool, a Passion Pit DJ set at Bond … The Cosmo is so cool it hurts.

2. Most people paid good money to be here—tickets were $100 a piece—so the last thing anyone wants to see is disgusting make-out sessions they could watch for free at home on YouPorn. I am talking to you, Probably Drunk Dude Who Keeps Literally Licking The Face Of Another Drunk Dude, and you, Definitely Drunk Girl Who Makes Out With Two People In The Span Of Five Minutes.

3. It’s Amy Winehouse appreciation night. Opener Wanda Jackson covers the recently departed's “You Know I’m No Good” and Adele dedicates “To Make You Feel My Love” to her. The songs fit perfectly into both women’s sets, a bittersweet reminder of the talent lost when Winehouse died.

4. Onstage Adele drinks from a coffee mug emblazoned with a wiener dog on it, and offstage her merchandise table includes bags and T-shirt with a wiener dog outline on it. Consider this proof not all overly emotional women hung up on their exes are crazy cat ladies! Some are dog people.

5. A dude standing 10 feet away from me knows the lyrics to every Adele song, and he is screaming them at the top of his lungs. At times he seems almost moved to tears, and it is obvious her music means a lot to him. You can’t really hate on that, as aurally annoying and off-key as he may be.


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