Exit interview: The Mad Caps

Mad dash: Rader (left) and Realmuto are off to the Pacific Northwest.
Bill Hughes

We’re sad. One of our favorite local rock bands is leaving—for Seattle, where its drummer will pursue a masters degree in mechanical engineering. We caught up with the duo’s other half, frontman Ted Rader, for more info.

When you lost your first drummer, you stayed here. Why are you following Jon Realmuto to Seattle this time?

We have a really good thing going. From the get-go it was a brotherhood—I grew up an only child, so he’s like my brother—and now we’re really clicking musically. We have a good relationship onstage, and it’s a good situation as far as writing together. Why ruin a good thing?


The Mad Caps
With The Lucky Cheats and Dude City
September 3, 10 p.m., $5
Bunkhouse, 384-4536

Are you confident your sound will go over in Seattle?

I would love to put all of our good friends and fans in a U-Haul and take ’em up there with us, but it’ll be nice to try something new and be out of our element. It’s very easy to get lazy in a town, in my opinion, once you’ve gained some popularity. It’s really exciting to be complete strangers and have to make that first impression again … though I’ll miss getting free drinks when people see me Downtown (laughs).

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