Ron White, Margo Rey share love for performing, Las Vegas and each other

Comedian Ron White.
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By Nikki Villoria, contributor

The Mirage will be hosting a different type of “love” this Valentine’s Day weekend thanks to singer/songwriter Margo Rey and comedian Ron White. White will be performing in the Terry Fator Theater on Friday and Saturday and Rey at B.B. King’s Blues Club on both nights, as well, after Ron’s shows.

Though he’s known for his distinctive stance -- a cigar in one hand and a scotch in the other -- and by his many aliases, such as Tater Salad, few know White as a romantic. Rey, a touring performer and the significant other to the two-time Grammy-nominated comedian, is one of the few.

“Margo and I have known each other for a long, long time, and she has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body,” White said. “She’s the best vocalist I’ve ever heard anywhere. On tour, I get to act like I’m important when the really important one is Margo.”

Ron White and Margo Rey.

Ron White and Margo Rey.

Throughout his time in interviews and on tour, White continues to demonstrate this side of him that the comedy-viewing audience may not be familiar. “He is just so incredibly sweet,” Rey said. “He’s my biggest fan, and I am definitely his biggest fan.”

White and Rey have 2011 booked for their tours, performances and special events across the U.S., but they still manage to have plenty of time to spend with each other. When they’re not traveling or performing, home is Atlanta and the wine country of Montecito, Calif.

“Margo’s band is in Montecito. She is in the recording studio all the time, and I tour harder than she does right now, so I need to spend time on the West Coast ’cause all the cities are over there,” White said. “We spend as much of our time as we can together, and then we split it between Atlanta and Montecito.”

They do occasionally end up performing in the same city. “It’s wonderful and it’s such an incredible perk in our relationship to have a career where we are able to be in the same place to perform. It allows us to be together more often,” Rey said. “We’re very well suited for each other. If he’s doing a show and I’m not, then I’ll watch him onstage, and in between shows, I’ll do a little yoga, and he gets to play golf in the morning, so we keep ourselves busy.”

Rey and White will be performing at the same time here multiple times this year.

“I’ve been working for The Mirage for a long time. Margo and I love to hang out in Vegas,” White said. “The Mirage treats us like kings. We both are going to be there about 11 weekends this year, and I consider it to be 11 weekends off. We always have friends come in -- it’s something we really look forward to as a break. It doesn’t even seem like work.”

White revealed special plans to create a memorable Valentine’s Day weekend off the stage. “We’re going to take a helicopter trip down to The Grand Canyon, have a little dinner and a bottle of champagne and see if we can turn some heads for a little while,” White said.

The dynamic duo appears to have mastered this perfect arrangement of touring, performing and enjoying the company of friends and each other, a result of more than 20 years of friendship and the link of Alex Reymundo, a touring comedian and Rey’s brother. “My brother is one of Ron’s dearest friends, and he’s also a comedian, so that’s really how we met,” Rey said.

Years after introducing the couple, Reymundo will be performing in Las Vegas as the opening act for White. “Margo and I have been together for 3 1/2 years, but we’ve known each other for about 24 years, and I’ve had a crush on her the whole time,” White said.

“Here’s how I operate. When I see something I like, 20 years later, I ask her brother for her phone number. She don’t even see me coming.”


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