And the award for best Grammy tweet goes to …

Arcade Fire
Photo: Anton Corbjin

I finally figured out how to enjoy the Grammys: Keep my television tuned to something else—and my Twitter feed scrolling. Rather than wait until 8:30 p.m. for the tape-delayed local broadcast last Sunday, I “watched” the three-hour stinkbomb live at 5:30, by way of hundreds of tweets. Highlights and lowlights:

@gregkot Janelle Monae just slam-dunked Bruno Mars and his little falsetto #Grammys • @SilverKSilverman Ah, the ol’ prosthetic shoulder-enhancements move. Well played, Gaga. • @WilliamHermes White people #Grammys • @harvilla best song I’ve heard so far tonight is “five dollar foot-long” • @rftmusic Okay, this Usher-Bieber performance is starting out like the Karate Kid. • @kanyewest NINJAS... YESSSSS!!!!!!! • @WilliamHermes Rihanna MVP • @questlove Wait a minute, did they just dave mathews band Guru? In that tribute? Shame on you #grammys2011. • @RollingStone I like Esperanza clapping for herself ... Not enough of that tonight. That said, Bieber was robbed!

• @rftmusic ... ARCADE FIRE?!?! • @annkpowers What just happened!!! • @christinamerge Holy Crap! • @pitchforkmedia Holy shit! • @WilliamHermes Well fuck yeah • @soundofthecity Hahahaha, the Arcade Fire just won a Grammy • @kanyewest #Arcade fire!!!!!!!!!! There is hope!!! I feel like we all won when something like this happens! FUCKING AWESOME! • @Rosie album of the year? umm never heard of them ever [re-tweeted by more than 100 other users]

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