Three question about Rusty Maples

Rusty Maples
Photo: Corlene Byrd
Leslie Ventura

1. Who are they? If you’re a fan of local band The Skooners, you’re already familiar with the Dewane brothers. This time, Blair (vocals/guitar) and Ian (guitar) team up with fellow Skoonman Jake Farmer (drums), along with Courtney Waldron (cello) and Kyle Whitehead (bass) for an indie-pop adventure they won’t let you pigeonhole. “People kinda got the idea that we’re a country band, and that’s not the case,” Blair says. The brothers can see RM going in any direction—folk, Americana, pop …

2. What are their plans? Keep recording. RM just released an EP, Like a Lover Should, but that won’t keep the band from the studio. “We have enough material to span, like, two albums right now,” Ian says. The group also hopes to tour sometime soon.

3. Is this the end of The Skooners? Rusty Maples might be the Dewanes’ main squeeze right now, but Skooners fans needn’t worry—Ian says they aren’t gone for good, though the hiatus is “definitely indefinite.” In the meantime, you might just hear one of their songs at an RM show. “Who says we can’t do that?” Blair says. “We wrote that sh*t.”


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