Vegas-based Rush fans are getting spoiled

Guitars and smiles all around.

1) Vegas-based Rush fans have it good. Really good. The couple sitting in front me (okay, standing—they had seats but never actually used them) are Canadian compatriots of Geddy, Alex and Neil. Yet they’re here on the Strip because Rush hasn’t played Alberta this tour. A lot of bands pass us over from time to time, too, and a few acts have still never booked a Vegas show, but Rush comes through every tour, sometimes twice. Which works out nicely for those of us really into Rush.

6/24/11: Rush at MGM Grand Garden Arena

2) The same couple gets my Most Interesting Fans to Watch award. During “Marathon,” she plays some intense air-keyboard on his right shoulder, while he poses with his left fist held high. It’s almost like they practiced.

3) I’m not expecting a band as precise as Rush to channel the Grateful Dead and change up its setlists nightly. But the exact same songs, in the exact same order, that we got on the first leg of the tour last August? It’s almost like they’re daring the diehards not to come back. As if.

4) Geddy Lee’s voice sounds better than I’ve heard it in years. He’s not just getting into his high octave, he’s staying up there. (Yay.) On the flip side, his bass seems quieter in the trio’s sound mix than I can ever remember. (Boo.)

5) New album update: “We’ll finish it one of these days,” Lee says. “Hopefully before Christmas.” Hmm … sounds like Rush could be back in Vegas before you can say “By-Tor & The Snow Dog.”

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