Alt-tribute group Red Eye Radio out-nerdgasms Weezer

Photo: Mikayla Whitmore
Leslie Ventura

“Welcome to the Sunday Sermon, boys and girls,” says parishioner Bryan Todd, except that he doesn’t appear to be his usual saintly self. Tonight for the Royal Resort’s spookified version of its monthly open mic night, Brother Todd has been replaced by ... Rivers Cuomo?

Okay, not the Rivers Cuomo, but given the crowd gathered to hear local alt-tribute group Red Eye Radio perform The Blue Album in it’s entirety, Halloweezer might have turned out better than the real thing. That surely sounds blasphemous to any serious Weezer fan, but the guys of Red Eye are pretty diehard themselves. I’ve never seen the real Rivers fall to his knees in full-on nerdgasm during “Undone: The Sweater Song.” I’m guessing he’s never handed out candy to his fans, either. “W” fan or not, this monster mash was a definite smash.


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