Get ‘em a residency: Four thoughts on Macklemore’s Vegas debut

The Seattle-based hip-hop group played their first Vegas gig on Dec. 14

Macklemore at his first Vegas gig at Haze on Dec. 14.
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The buzzworthy Seattle-based hip-hop group played their first Vegas gig on Dec. 14 at Haze. It was onesie-themed. Things got out of hand, in the best way possible:

1. The lyrics to "Thrift Shop" definitely rubbed off on the crowd, which eagerly partook in the show’s suggested “onesie” dress code. Attendees rocked full fleece jammies (with built-in socks, no doubt), thrifted fur coats and other unique secondhand anti-club club attire, shouting along to rhymes like “that shirt’s hella dough/And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don’t." The scene was a hella do that we’d love to see more of in Vegas.

2. After MC Ben Haggerty relayed that he’d left his famed fur coat on the last tour stop, a fan wasted no time stripping off his own fur and tossing it onstage, which a grateful Haggerty then sported as he and his crew tore into “Thrift Shop.” You can bet that fan is never washing that sweaty coat again.

3. Sound check: The only downside to the show was Haze’s subpar sound. Did someone forget to turn on all the PAs? Producer Ryan Lewis’ oh-so-fresh, danceable beats sounded muffled and flat, mixed as if they were an afterthought to Haggerty’s rhymes rather than the centerpiece to the songs that they are.

4. Luckily, the group had singers Wanz (“Thrift Shop”) and Ray Dalton (“Can’t Hold Us”) on hand, as well as a live trumpet player, whose talents added a passion and energy to the set that no sound system or recording could ever capture. From Haggerty’s velvety, mile-a-minute flow to the group's playground energy onstage, Macklemore is the rare hip-hop act that's better live than on record. Someone get these guys a Vegas club residency, stat.

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