Zowie Bowie’s Marley Taylor weds during birthday and surprise engagement trip

Zowie Bowie’s Marley Taylor performs during the gala premiere of “Vintage Vegas” at the Lance Burton Theater at the Monte Carlo on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009.

Zowie Bowie Opens at Monte Carlo

Zowie Bowie Red Carpet

Marley Taylor’s birthday celebration in Arizona with new boyfriend bass player Chris de Herrera turned out to be an engagement proposal — followed by an instant wedding ceremony! It was all part of a fast romance for the blonde bombshell singer and one half of the music duo Zowie Bowie. Marley was most recently romantically linked with trumpet player Dave Perrico, who performs his “Pop Evolution” weekly at South Point with new singer Naomi Mauro.

“It was a shock to all of us upon her return,” Chris Phillips, the other half of the dynamic duo, told me exclusively. “We could not be happier for both of them. They seem to be very happy. It was a total surprise. He took her to Sedona for her birthday and not only surprised her there with an engagement ring, but with a wedding ceremony, too.”

Zowie Bowie fans had wondered if Marley and Chris would reconcile and marry after their six-year live-in relationship ended when she started dating the trumpet titan two years ago. Quiet rumors even swirled last week that they’d gotten back together and it was their marriage!

“It’s quite entertaining to let everybody know now that Marley and I are never going to be a couple again, but Marley and I could not be better friends at this point. It has in fact helped our show on every level having a healthy and happy relationship,” Chris continued.

He also confirmed rumors I’d heard that his own nearly three-year relationship with a Chicago beauty had ended and he is now enjoying being single in Las Vegas for the first time with different dates.

“Tiffanie and I did in fact finally part ways a couple weeks ago. We are still best friends and would not be shocked if someday we find ourselves back together. But for right now I am enjoying being single in Las Vegas for the first time and all that comes with that.”

Zowie Bowie return home to their Phoenix roots Tuesday for their second annual Fourth of July concert at Fairmont Princess Resort in Scottsdale. “It was very successful last time and a wonderful event for families to attend to exemplify the American patriotic spirit,” he said.

Zowie Bowie continue to perform every Friday at Red Rock Resort, where they recently celebrated their sixth anniversary. They also still play every Saturday at the M Resort and just concluded a run of shows at Harrah’s on Sunday nights.

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