Girls, dancing and Ninja Turtles: Five thoughts on Two Door Cinema Club at the House of Blues

Two Door Cinema Club played the House of Blues on October 27, much to the screaming delight of many girls.
Photo: Corlene Byrd

Northern Irish lads Two Door Cinema Club returned to Las Vegas Saturday night, touting a new album, Beacon, and a slate of crunchy, danceable tunes that brought the squealing, be-costumed crowd at the House of Blues to their knees. Here's our five thoughts on the set:

1.The new album’s focus on crunchy rock riffs over the sleek synth of their debut, Tourist History, serves the band well live. It adds a bit of maturity and attitude (and shows off guitarist Sam Halliday's chops) to tunes that still get your hips shaking while lending some distinction from, um, every other indie band to come out of western Europe since 2005.

2.Lead singer Alex Trimble‚s classic croon is much more pronounced live. What sounds twee on record is actually a rich, nuanced vibrato akin to Beirut's Zach Condon, something you might be just as likely to hear on a gramophone a century ago as on a club stage in 2012.

3.Cowabunga, dude! A group of fans dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crowd-surfed near the end of the set, then got chased by—and escaped from—security. Everything’s better in costumes.

4.Like Metric earlier this month, TDCC featured sleek LED lighting and a stage setup straight out of Tron: Legacy. Not sure if this is to the venue’s credit or just a trend, but it’s an effective, engaging accent to this genre of music.

5.The ladies love this band, and the teen fan faction was representing in full force on the floor. Based solely on the shrill, omnipresent screams, you’d guess One Direction was onstage, rather than a quartet of pale, unassuming Irish guys whose lead singer looks like Tin Tin.

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