Eight observations from night one of Rock Vegas

Singer Sully Erna of Godsmack performs at the 2012 Rock Vegas Music Festival at Mandalay Bay on Friday, Sept. 28, 2012.
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1. The bar holding the banners for Adelita’s Way and Hellyeah was sideways and wobbly, much like many of the concertgoers if the number of spilt beers and overwhelming pot stench were any indication.

2. Chad Gray, lead singer of supergroup Hellyeah (and Mudvayne), may have scolded the crowd by yelling, “Nobody sits down,” but he wisely opted not to have a fit like Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong a week ago at the iHeartMusic Festival. Phew. Crisis averted.

2012 Rock Vegas: Day 1

3. Hellyeah isn’t big on enunciation but when their biggest hit to date is called “Alcohaulin’ Ass,” the other words probably don’t matter so much.

4. Quick, name the most likely place on the Strip to witness a proposal Friday night. Eiffel Tower at Paris? Bellagio fountains? Or on stage with Godsmack? Lead singer Sully Erna’s sister Maria proposed to her boyfriend in between songs. Her romantic question: “Will you do me for the rest of your life?” His equally romantic response: “F**k yeah!”

5. Why is it whenever Erna commands the crowd to “breathe in” during “Voodoo,” I’m always surrounded by massive amounts of cigarette smokers, preventing me from following directions?

6. Erna spit a guitar pick to a lucky fan, which must have been the coolest concert souvenir ever. Then again, this is coming from a person who is the proud owner of Joel Madden’s left earplug from a concert at Chateau.

7. Staind guitarist Mike Mushok must have been getting ready for Halloween a little early. He played with his long hair completely covering his face, making him a dead ringer for Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.

8. Shinedown should consider working “fire in the hole” into their song lyrics if they’re going to employ such ridiculously loud pyrotechnics on stage. The lights that flashed the word “BOOM” got the point across, but they came only after half the crowd had a collective heart attack.

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