Giant zombie robots and seven other observations from Rock Vegas night 2

A set from Rob Zombie is always worth the wait.
Photo: Bill Hughes

1. Marilyn Manson’s stage show may be “Sweet Dreams” to some, but it’s an epileptic’s worst nightmare. With the nearly constant strobe lights and even a rainbow-colored, strobe-rimmed guitar, Saturday night was a seizure waiting to happen.

2. Still trying to figure out if Manson is actually relevant. His set seemed pretty well received by fans but I was honestly bored. Prior to the show, a friend in her early twenties told me, “Marilyn Manson wasn’t cool before I was born.” Slight exaggeration but something to consider.

3. With all of the costume and prop changes, Manson should take a cue from burlesque and employ a hot stage kitten for prop removal and delivery. His stagehand dressed in typical backstage crew black shorts and T-shirt spent more time on stage than most musicians.


4. There may be credence to those Manson rib-removal rumors after all. The man is ridiculously flexible. I don’t think hips and knees were meant to bend like that.

5. Note to groupies: If your outfit doesn’t have adequate material upon which to affix your backstage pass, you probably forgot your pants. Come to think about it, that’s probably how you got the pass in the first place.

6. With an hour-long set change before Rob Zombie, some disgruntled crowd members grew restless. It was worth it. It is always worth it for Rob Zombie. Over-the-top props like giant lumbering zombie robots and requisite video screens for his typical horror film footage made for exciting staging. It seemed even more impressive than his last few Vegas sets. Zombie apologized for the delay, noting, “I’m sorry. We had no choice. Nothing was working.”

7. To the guy in full PBR regalia complete with giant belt buckle and enormous Stetson, way to show me up. I thought my blingy Hello Kitty necklace was against the grain fashion-wise at a hard rock show. #Fail.

8. And to the guy pumping his arm up and down on the floor while holding a large water cooler jug: How did you get that through security?


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