Dead disco: Eli Roth’s Goretorium launches all-female DJ series for Valentine’s Day

Anthony Gallegos and Rosie Grasso of Las Vegas pose for photos in a wedding reception area after getting married at Eli Roth’s Goretorium on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013.
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In the five months that Eli Roth’s Goretorium has been open, the ghoulish attraction has made a name for itself with unconventional offerings like horror-themed wedding services. Now the year-round haunted house is expanding to nightlife with the launch of Stereo Love, a bimonthly all-female DJ series to be held inside the Goretorium’s Baby Dolls Lounge.

The series kicks off with a special Valentine’s Day edition tonight and will feature sets from popular Las Vegas DJs including DJ Miss Joy, DJ Miyuki, DUWOPRose, The Vinylist and DJ Crykit.

“There’s something about being scared to death ... I love that feeling -- your senses are heightened, and you’re excited,” says local DJ Miss Joy, who helped organize the event. “When you come out of the [attraction’s] passageway and into the lounge, it’s the perfect transition for this kind of party because your adrenaline is high, and you kind of want to keep that going.”

The series comes as part of a new collaboration between the Goretorium and Las Vegas-based Crowd Control Marketing Group to use the attraction’s lounge space to cater to locals and the industry crowd.

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“They had this beautiful lounge that came with the space, and they had no idea what to do with it,” says Crowd Control co-founder Fahad Syed. “We looked at it and saw an amazing opportunity to do events here. The Goretorium is an attraction, it’s unique. Everything else on The Strip is a nightclub. We want this to be something off the beaten path where locals can go and be themselves.”

It’s just that ethos that drew DJ Miss Joy (née Joy Ngaosivath) to the venue after Syed and Goretorium CEO Robert Frey approached her about taking over a night at the lounge. A 12-year veteran of the local DJ scene, Ngaosivath jumped at the offer, seizing the opportunity to showcase female DJ talent free from the tropes her peers and she have encountered trying to play at mainstream club nights along The Strip.

“Other places wanted a super-hot girl up there who was half naked and not even DJing. We were like, this is not us!” she says, referring to the now-defunct “Boy Beaters” female DJ night she participated in at The Mirage’s Revolution Lounge. “I feel like when you work with corporate marketing people, they’re always going to try to fixate [on] what a girl DJ is and how to market it, and with the Goretorium, it’s really our own platform. I was able to hire my own designer and do our own artwork for the event. We can play whatever kind of music we want, not what the casinos think will sell.”

Stereo Love will include a mix of underground electronic music and Top 40 hits spun on vinyl, as well as breakdancing and other urban dance performance styles from local dance crews like Supercrew.

However, the local-centric creative carte blanche extends beyond Stereo Love to other club nights at Baby Dolls Lounge. Syed is already planning for a Latin music night with local DJ De La O, an open format night with local DJ Ducketz, as well as an upcoming monthly dance competition featuring professional judges from Supercrew and Cirque du Soleil.

“Creative authority over events is something that’s big to Miss Joy and other DJs and local artists,” says Syed, who maintains that Goretorium has no plans to bring in the kind of marquee names dominating the rest of The Strip. “This is something for the community, to give back to the community.”

Stereo Love kicks off today from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Admission is $5 at the door; free for locals and industry with valid ID. Guests must be 21+. For more information or to reserve a table, call 702-693-8700.

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